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Air Cycle Machine Trainer Model AS-44

The Model AS-44 heat exchanger system is a fully functional Air Cycle Machine (ACM) , driven by simulated turbine-engine bleed air,representing a typical system in a modern turbine engine powered aircraft.

System Components

The trainer includes the following components:

  • Air cycle machine (ACM)
  • Primary and Secondary Heat Exchangers
  • Water Seperator
  • Over Temp Sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature control valves
  • Digital display of the temperatures of the cabin chamber, bleed air, and ambient air controller
  • ACM bypass valve
  • Cabin ventilation blower
  • Lag chamber
  • Simulated bleed air source


  • 72 L x 35 D x 72 H Inches

Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware related to the principles of ACM air-conditioning is included with the trainer.


  • Uses aircraft components
  • Mounted on a sturdy moveable stand
  • Simulated Faults insertion

All wiring is numbered to enable easy troubleshooting.